Buying cannabis seeds from CFM may seem like a good solution to those growers looking to save money. Indeed, at a price such a purchase can cost less. However, the potential problems associated with such “savings” can more than outweigh the unspent funds.


Handicraft seeds, for which no one is responsible for the production, can easily turn out to be counterfeit. Even if your parcel does not contain seeds of wild hemp, but varietal ones, it may be written off products from the store (with an expired shelf life) or “by-products” of the selection process – seeds of F2 hybrids, for example. 

F1 hybrid is seeds obtained by crossing plants of parental varieties. For example, AK-47 comes from two parent strains that combine Mexican, Colombian, Afghan and Thai genetics. The producer of AK-47 pollinates the female plants of the maternal variety with the pollen of the male plants of the paternal variety, and the obtained seeds, having passed the selection for quality, are packed in packages.

Generation F2 – seeds obtained after pollination of an existing hybrid. F2 is characterized by negative heredity: plants obtained from such seeds will combine exactly those qualities that breeders have tried to eliminate from varieties. In other words, F2 is produced by poorly adapted and unimportant plants. Shanovny ukrainian, if you want to buy a cannabis plant on the forestry farm, may the price be on uvazi 🙂


Another issue can affect your future in a more significant way. The authors of such ads on CFM may well be law enforcement officers. In addition, even if the seeds are indeed sent by an individual, how confidential such a purchase is – no one will give you a guarantee. Perhaps the employees of the New Mail in your city will contact the district police officer about a suspicious parcel – there is no 100% certainty that you are protected.


Our store fully guarantees that no unauthorized person finds out about the contents of your package. If necessary, for a small surcharge, the seeds can be sewn into a soft toy or other camouflage product. Despite the relatively affordable prices, the seeds in our assortment are of exceptionally high quality. Some of the positions are protected by the germination guarantee. Contact by phone or place an order through the Shopping Cart on the site. We will deliver quickly and reliably!

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