The general public knows very little about the dangers and benefits of marijuana, despite the popularity of the plant. The reason is that only a few medical users have an idea of ​​the benefits of cannabis, and the harm of cannabis only manifests itself in the long term. Fortunately, thanks to modern science, we have data from long-term studies, during which the condition of the subjects was monitored for 40 (!) Years. Let’s start with the good 🙂


  • vascular health and blood cholesterol levels among regular cannabis users are statistically better;
  • significantly lower percentage of people suffering from excess weight;
  • often, marijuana smokers are more likely to be in good physical shape;
  • and, of course, the incidence of oncological diseases in the camp of plant lovers.

Not bad for Pyhar and Chronicle, isn’t it? 😉


It is difficult to compile a list of the negative aspects of cannabis, since the long-term negative consequences of smoking have so far been found only one: the constant drying out of the oral cavity over 20-30 years causes periodontal disease in many smokers. Effective prevention – chewing gum, lozenges and other ways to stimulate salivation.
However, there are no free treats about paying for the dealer’s services. Let’s talk about the real disadvantages of chronic abuse of the herb of wisdom.
So, what negative manifestations of their addiction do those who smoke daily face?

  1. Short-term memory is reduced, which makes learning impossible and greatly reduces the ability to concentrate. It also often develops a persistent suspicion of one’s own intellectual inconsistency.
  2. The harm and benefits of cannabis seeds are simultaneously caused by the stimulation of the centers of pleasure, usually activated by sleep, eating food and, most importantly, engaging in developmental or socially approved activities. In other words, the motivation for any development or increase in one’s social status falls to zero.
  3. Any neuroses to which there is a tendency, binge smoking brings into the active phase. Even nervousness, anxiety or depression – although from a single dose, these problems almost always leave the user alone for 1-2 days.


The medical benefits of marijuana clearly outweigh its harm: cannabis should undoubtedly be considered a medicinal plant. It is important to remember that any remedy becomes a poison or a panacea, depending on the dosage. But there are not many rules:

Manage to sober up between smoking. And this implies not only “let go, I want to eat”. The post-effect of contact with a bong or water worker is noticeable for only 2-3 days, but lasts for a week. Conclusion: a one-time “puff” on Sunday does not inhibit the work of the brain and nervous system. And it does not develop tolerance, due to which psychedelic impressions in this case are comparable to the use of special esoteric practices.

Do not combine cannabis with other substances.Even innocent coffee and other stimulants in tandem with cannabis do real damage to the cardiovascular system.

Be sure to drink some water during your trip. Neither soda nor juice satisfies the need for pure, uncontaminated H2O, which increases under conditions of cannabinoid intoxication.

Avoid using eye drops like Vizine , which dry out the lining of the eye or even cause some kind of addiction.

Smoke smartly, sisters and brothers! By the way, isn’t it 4:20 now ?

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