Opponents of legalizing and using cannabis argue that it negatively affects male strength. Proponents, on the contrary, are firmly convinced of the benefits of “herb” for potency and that it enhances the pleasure obtained during sexual intercourse, awakens the latent potential of the partner, and liberates.


Marijuana lovers talk about instant arousal after use, of course, with close intimacy. Among the positive consequences, there is an increase in the duration of sexual intercourse, brighter sensations during the climax. This action is explained by the processes occurring under the influence of marijuana: the myocardium begins to contract faster; the volume of blood flow increases; the genitals are filled with blood. These effects are complemented by the release of nervous tension, an improvement in the general emotional background, euphoria, and a general emotional uplift. The combination of such actions, of course, stimulates sexual activity. The main thing is to understand that such an influence is possible only with irregular use. If cannabis is consumed constantly, the body is already getting used to such surges. Hence,


No scientific evidence of the harm of cannabis to potency. And if opponents of the plant talk about negative effects, you need to know that this is absolutely unreasonable.


Marijuana can be compared to alcohol. The latter also allows you to relax during sex and make intimacy more sensual. This is only true for intermittent use. The measure must always be followed. If consumed in small quantities, it will be beneficial for potency. Moderate use of cannabis does not harm erectile function, but rather stimulates sex drive and desire. Many cannabis lovers find it to be an excellent aphrodisiac. Unless, of course, marijuana is grown from the seeds of a variety that produces a ” stone ” effect , it will not promote activity in bed.


Studies conducted in the framework of the effect of marijuana on the human body have revealed that it slows down sperm motility. Their number decreases during ejaculation. Opponents of marijuana use this data as evidence, but the experiments themselves have not been accepted by the scientific community as 100% true. It has been proven that reducing cannabis consumption restores the speed of sperm movement. It is enough to simply reduce the frequency or stop using cannabis if you are planning to conceive a child. In addition, the plant does not lead to infertility. No such relationship was found.


It is necessary to clearly see the difference between the varieties with “stone” and “high” effect. Both varieties are grown by purchasing the corresponding seeds. The first ones cause some detachment, that is, they allow one to forget, as it were. They are used for the purpose of resting from everything and everyone, they are not suitable for arousing sexual desire. Sativa varieties with a high effect are considered aphrodisiacs . They cause euphoria, a surge of energy and liberation. There are varieties of mixed action. This type of cannabis should also not be used as a pathogen. The high spirits will be followed by isolation in oneself, and this is not the result that couples expect from intimacy.

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