Cannabis has two effects – high or stone. The latter is typical for Indica varieties, the seeds of which can be bought with the legalization of marijuana in a number of countries without any problems. Stone’s action is sedative and causes a kind of “fossil”, hence the name.


The varieties of this variety have a direct effect on the human body. It relaxes. It becomes difficult to move. Drowsiness and laziness appear. I just want to lie down and do nothing. Outwardly, it looks exactly like this, but the effect is not limited to petrification. The use of Indica leads to a switch to the inner world with contemplation of the outer. A person sees colors brighter, and sounds are heard more clearly. Some tasters may experience synesthesia when a person begins to “see” sounds around him, and the perception of time intervals also changes, minutes become hours. It literally stretches out or stops worrying completely for the sativa taker. Often there is a feeling of separation of consciousness from the physical body. Thinking changes. There is no logical chain of thoughts, there is a feeling of reunification with the cosmos itself. In the final stage, a strong feeling of hunger may occur.


The action of Sativa is not limited only to physical changes and sensations, perception of the world. It is widely used for medical purposes and has the following effects: relieves stress; eliminates pain syndrome;

  1. relieves even strong nervous tension;
  2. helps to cope with insomnia;
  3. awakens a good appetite.

On sale there are not only pure, but also mixed varieties. Hybrids have Sativa genes in varying concentrations. This allows you to experience both euphoria (high) and complete relaxation (stone). It all depends on how many genes of a particular variety a plant contains.


In order for the effect exerted on the taster to be as strong as possible, one should not drink anything after the test. This is especially true for water. The liquid “flushes” psychoactive substances from the blood. Snacks should be avoided. Food contains compounds that fill the blood and drown out the action of indica. The saturation of cells with oxygen greatly reduces the effect of indica. You shouldn’t taste this kind of marijuana outdoors. This also applies to temperature. If it is high, the metabolism is accelerated. In other words, it is necessary to stay in a cool room and not engage in any physical activity so that the effect lasts as long as possible.

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