• The light necessary for the emergence of sprouts must be absent. Therefore, it is better to store hemp marijuana seeds in a dark place;
  • Humidity is no less involved in the intimate germination process. It is not enough to give the seeds a chest of drawers or a place in the pantry, place them in a jar of white rice, because this cereal tends to absorb moisture;
  • Dry seeds will not sprout, therefore the storage place must be cool (up to 24 ° C).


In no case should constant temperature fluctuations be allowed. It is for this reason that a grocery refrigerator is not an option, because in most cases the owner opens it several times a day. And every time the seeds get stress harmful for germination. 

As for the container, in polyethylene ziplocks and other sealed (almost) vessels, seeds often die, which is explained by the long stay in a closed space, not completely devoid of moisture. A paper / cardboard wrapper is preferable, which can already be wrapped with polyethylene film or placed in a bag.


If you store cannabis seeds correctly, then on average, their germination is maintained for 2-3 years. There are many known cases of successful germination after 5-6 years in stock.

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