Marijuana seeds from Holland are usually wanted by those growers who are interested in amazing results. Historically, it is in Holland that hemp is bred in the greatest variety. Only America, a country where cannabis is already legal in many states, can compete with the Netherlands. Dutch cannabis is a reason for thousands of enthusiasts to visit this country, and its quality is worth it. 


Nowadays it is not difficult to order cannabis seeds from Holland in Ukraine. Many shops and seedbanks offer this product. You can choose the most elite quality varieties and receive prompt and reliable service, as well as advice on your choice. What seeds should you choose? 

  •     Indica relaxes, relieves stress and tension, promotes sound sleep and increases appetite;
  •     Sativa is preferred for social consumption, especially in the open air. Fun is guaranteed, because its action is tonic, conducive to communication and movement;
  •     Indica / Sativa hybrids usually produce mixed action and interesting palatability in an early maturing and hardy plant.

Differences between cultivars usually lie in plant size, smell, ripening time and action. Usually, users pay more attention to the content of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – the substance responsible for the effect of cannabis on the mind. But no less important factors are the height and flowering period: it will not be possible to get along with a pet that exceeds your growbox in size or does not have time to mature before the onset of cold weather.

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