Before you buy cannabis seeds on Aliexpress, you should think about it: perhaps you did not take into account all the disadvantages of such a decision. AliExpress is an online platform that sells electronics, clothing, household goods and other products manufactured in the PRC. So, cannabis seeds with Aliexpress – what pitfalls await you?


First, the PRC is a communist state. Cannabis is grown in this country exclusively for industrial purposes, and research into its medical use is strictly in the hands of paramilitary institutions. Chinese law is very strict: possession of as little as 5 kg of marijuana can lead to the death penalty for a daredevil. In this regard, even if you find cannabis on sale, its quality (according to reports from tourists and locals) will be below average. It is easy to conclude from the above that the likelihood of purchasing high quality marijuana seeds on AliExpress is not very high. Nobody will seriously engage in selection, at an industrial level, in a state with such strict legislation – you can pay with your head for this!


Aliexpress does not test cannabis seeds , which some traders sell on it. Such checks require special equipment. In addition, even in an informal manner (to sprout a dozen seeds just to draw a conclusion on their germination), the site’s management cannot take such a risk – a criminal offense, the risk of a scandal and company bankruptcy. But the seeds of edible hemp in China are far from rare, they are used both for food and for medicinal purposes. It is these seeds of wild hemp that the Aliexpress client runs the risk of getting under the guise of “varietal” ones.


Delivery from China goes to Ukraine from 2 weeks to a month or more. It is also worth noting that parcels from China are more thoroughly checked by any customs, including Ukrainian, due to the huge amount of synthetic drugs produced in China. Thus, the paid and long-awaited product may not come at all – besides, the delivery price (which you will have to pay in advance) is in the range of $ 10-20.

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