Buying Afghani seeds in Ukraine is an ideal choice regardless of your qualifications, because the Afghan indica is 100% compatible with the Ukrainian climate and is convenient for placing in a grow box. What features of Afghan cannabis are known to plant connoisseurs?


The harsh high-altitude climate of Afghanistan allows not every plant to survive. In the course of evolution, the Afghan became like this:

  • The bushes are small in height, but branchy and willingly develop in breadth;
  • Extreme temperature conditions “taught” an Afghan woman to survive in the most severe heat;
  • The eternal lack of water has made this species drought tolerant;
  • Due to the dry air, the Afghan woman is unusually resinous.

Due to the higher amount of trichomes, the Afghani produces huge amounts of resin and exudes a suffocating, earthy odor. It is from Afghan cannabis that the most lethal hashish is obtained, capable of sending a person to heaven after two puffs. 


Afghan indica is rich in CBD and is widely used in medical practice as a pain reliever, hypnotic, anti-nausea, appetite stimulant. Combined with THC, CBD slows down inflammation and inhibits the growth of malignant tumors, effectively suppresses anxiety and any kind of anxiety, and resists muscle spasms and cramps. For arthritis, atherosclerosis and asthma, even diabetes, the Afghan indica brings significant relief. It is important to consider: an Afghani enhances not only appetite, but also the pleasure of delicious food, so it is not safe to go to the store for sweets in this state 🙂

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